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From travellers, for travellers. A simple, yet powerful, motto underpins the convenient services provided by Greca, an online travel agency, founded by Greca Guido Colombo. “Even with a pandemic and a war, people are still trusting us with their dreams” and it is our pride at Trama to help protect this exciting travel agency.


Jan Buza

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From travellers, for travellers

“As a traveller and expat, I wanted to create my own version of what I believe should be an amazing travel experience combined with rates, service, without necessarily understanding the complex rules of the Travel Professional World.”

Greca Guido Colombo, the founder of Greca, left his native country at the age of 21, following his dream of travelling the world. Having gained a considerable experience through working for large tour operators and wholesalers, a vision to revolutionise the travel industry emerged.

“The moment I took the decision to launch Greca came whilst showering and the conversations I had with my father helped me a lot into arriving to that very moment. The goal at that moment was only to try and get out an MVP (minimum value proposition). A few years later we are way beyond our wildest dreams!”

Smart use of technology plays a key role in differentiating the service offering provided by Greca. It adds more and better value to the clients’ trips, ensuring that complex products are easy to book with no “buts”. Overall, Greca offers crystal-clear services with no hidden costs. 

As put it by Greca Guido Colombo, “we are travellers ourselves! And we simply provide and give the services our customers want, in the way they want and how they want it. Not what we want, or has better profit or is easier for us as a company. This challenges even the most open minded travellers and travel professionals!”

Dealing with brand infringement 

“We started seeing a myriad of social media accounts pretending to be us, or third party Tour Operators claiming to be our representatives. Even using our brand! Having a trademark is the only real way of protecting all the hard effort we have done over the past few years.”

Recent statistics suggest that 85% of large companies experience infringement attempts in one form or another. This figure clearly highlights the substantial risk faced by successful brands, potentially threatening their good reputation and market position. Trademark registration represents an effective protection against these efforts and we take a great pride in protecting exciting brands just like Greca.

Experience with Trama

Trama has helped Greca register its trademark in the EU and the US, enabling effective protection for this growing brand. Dealing with infringement attempts both online and offline has become simplified, with the successful trademark registration giving Greca the right to simply issue cease and desist letters to any potential copycats. And how was the experience of Greca Guido Colombo with Trama?

“Excellent! The fact that you have standardized a previously complicated, almost obscure and highly risky procedure together with your high response rate to our emails and doubts won our hearts.”

Jan Buza
Jan Buza

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